Rats & Mice 

A breeding female rodent can be accountable for up to 15,000 babies a year, within a family! Without professional pest control this can amount to a rather large problem in a relatively short time. 

Damage to property and belongings combined with the risk of disease makes control of these pests a necessity.  
Unfortunately there are many places in and around the average property that mice and rats just cant resist setting up camp in -   
•Compost bins
•Drains and sewers 
•Loft and wall cavities 

Not to mention bird feeders or animal food storage areas which can attract mice and rats to your property. Do not hesitate to call Seymour Pest Control Services if you are in doubt about a possible rodent problem, it may not take long to escalate into an infestation.

I often find clients have tried to treat a pest issue themselves, sometimes resulting in misuse of chemicals and poisons, creating a very real risk to themselves, their families and pets. 

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I understand how mentally and physically traumatic an infestation can be for my clients, I cannot stress enough how important it is to seek professional expertise in the event of a pest problem, let me deal with the problem effectively and safely leaving your property pest free and most importantly safe.
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