Insect and rodent infestations on your farm or agricultural property can pose a serious health threat to your livestock.  I am able to evaluate the situation then remove the pest, taking all the necessary measures to protect your livestock and property.
  • Wasp nest removal
  • Comprehensive agricultural pest protection
  • Mole control  
  • Rat and mouse treatments
I will remove the pest and its source, I can also advise on preventative measures to maintain a pest free environment in the future.  
Seymour pest control, agriculture, pest control
Protecting you from;
- Rodent ingress 
- Insect infestations
- Seasonal pests
- Stored product insects

Pest protection covers;
- Dairy farms & Cattle farms
- Intensive pig / poultry units
- Arable farms
- Crops and fields
- Poultry houses
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